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About Yu-Zen

Yu-Zen offers you men's oil massage service, which can relieve your daily stress and relax your mind. We also have sexual treatments for refreshment.

Oil massage

Our oil massage activates lymph fluid through by massage process, collecting unnecessary and old waste keratin removed from the body.
The massage oil is an unscented massage oil which is specially formulated by Yu-Zen. You can also choose to use aroma oils. For details, please see the following recorded .

Aroma oil

① Relax oil blend
Use of aroma oils: camphor, lavender, cedar, etc.
Cedar brings a deep relaxing scent, and the pleasant aromas of camphor and lavender lead you to the great confort.

② Refresh oil blend
Use of aroma oils: lemon, mint, etc.
The refreshing sensation of mint and the fresh scent of lemon will make you feel refreshed and comfortable even on sweltering summer days. When you want to refresh your mind, the most recommended fresh and cool aroma oil in the hot days.

③Spice oil blend
Use of aroma oils: yuzu(pomelo), ginger, hinoki (Japanese cypress), etc.
The spicy aroma of ginger and the sweet and nostalgic flavor of grapefruit. A blend of two fragrances that warms your body from the core. It’s a highly recommended a aroma oil used during winter.

④Japanese forest bathing
Use of aroma oils: fir, cryptomeria (Japanese cedar), lime, etc.
The smell is likes the breeze in the green forest.
It feels like the coolness of walking on a forest road enjoying the phytoncide(green shower) in the air.

Using aroma oils costs an additional ¥500

If you are injured,sick or feeling uncomfortable , please do not use oil massage, otherwise it may cause injury or deterioration.
· Guests with skin diseases
· Guests with diabetes
Customers with high blood pressure, heart disease or cardiovascular disease, etc.

We are happy to respond to your satisfaction.

In order to respond to your expectations, please inform us in advance in the remarks column of the reserve form of the email, or the reserve form by LINE.
· I hope to attach great importance to cherish my mood
· Do not want to kiss
· I hope I can chat first and get used to the atmosphere before starting the course, etc.
Please let us know
※ If the service staff judges that it is beyond the scope of the service and cannot provide the service, please accept our sincere apologizes. Thank you for your understanding.

About Date course

Terms of use
Escort course or massage course must be included.
Up to 3 hours maximum.

Please note that you will be responsible for the staff's meals and transportation costs incurred on your date course.

About amenities

We prepare not only pajamas (Jinbei) but also have toothbrushes, mouthwash, hair dryer, and chargers (for iPhone / Android micro USB / Type C USB) for you to use.

About payment

Cash only
Please prepare the exact amount.